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ECOPRAC, for ecological work


Ecoprac is a family business that began its activity around 2000 with the artisan manufacture of stainless steel hand tools. In the beginning, it was more of a hobby that we did in our spare time and that little by little, we continued because we believed in the project. Slowly, we have realized that they are tools that facilitate the tasks of the garden.

We are an artisan workshop dedicated to the manufacture of these tools on a small scale.
Aware of the importance of sustainable agriculture, both for the environment and for the farmer, at ECOPRAC we have adapted the tools to the needs of people who like us believe in this type of agriculture.


We are craftsmen of stainless steel and our philosophy is to make each tool with great care and delicacy.



Ecoprac's global philosophy is based on sustainability, which is reflected both in the production process and in the distribution of the tools that we make by hand, directing ourselves directly to the end users, the horticulturists. In short, our utensils go from the workshop to the user.

For its manufacture we use environmentally friendly materials which last over time such as stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, copper and wood, thus we avoid the use of plastics and paints, with which we prevent them from coming off. polluting elements. In addition, Tig welding allows the finishes of the tools to be very precise and clean.

All the tools are foldable, take up minimal space and are easy to transport, they do not rust and their maintenance is almost zero.

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